Health Promotion & Campaigns

Health Promotion

Pharmacies are required to take part in 6 Public Health Campaigns each year, it is a contractual requirement to take part in these campaigns as well as useful way to promote your services and expertise in Health and Well-being. Please look out for your materials and ensure they are displayed for the campaign period.

Mandatory health campaign topics in 2022/23

PSNC is currently in negotiations with the Department of Health and Social Care and NHSE&I on Year 4 (2022/23) of the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework. Once negotiations are finalised, we will announce details of the 2022/23 campaigns through our normal communication channels.

For more details from PSNC on Public Health Campaigns Click Here.

What to do

  • Look out for the campaign materials, and display them promptly
  • Brief staff on the key messages of the campaign
  • Think about any appropriate props you may be able to use to highlight the messages, for example plastic fruit could liven up a display about healthy diet
  • Order extra resources – you will only receive a small amount of leaflets and display materials to reduce waste so please plan ahead and order supporting materials ahead of time. Extra resources can be ordered from  The Public Health Campaign Resource Centre
  • Take a picture of your display as evidence of compliance
  • Keep a record in a sensible place of conversations, feedback and anything else you feel may be useful in demonstrating how you engage with patients
  • Record any services delivered or referrals made which were linked to the campaign.
  • If requested: Feedback your results
hlp3 001 display2 child Health display

Here are some example of materials being displayed in  Lincoln Co-Operative, Hunstanton, Fakenham Pharmacy, Willows Pharmacy, Downham Market & Total Health Pharmacy Watton.