Change of Hours Request (Core or Supplementary Hours)

Requests to change core or supplementary hours should be sent to NHS England using the following email address:

As stated on the PSNC website: “NHS England is responsible for administering opening hours for pharmacies, which is handled locally by its regional offices. A pharmacy normally has 40 core contractual hours (or 100 for those that have opened under the former exemption from the control of entry test), which cannot be amended without the consent of NHS England, together with supplementary hours, which are all the additional opening hours, and which can be amended by the pharmacy subject to giving three months notice (or less if NHS England consents). A pharmacy may also have more than 40 core hours where it has made an application based on that higher number, and NHS England has agreed that application, and in this case, the pharmacy cannot amend these hours without the consent of NHS England.”

Notification forms are available below: