Supervised Consumption & Needle Exchange

New service launch from 1st April 2023

Medication Assisted Treatment Service (formerly known as Supervised Consumption)

Norfolk Alcohol and Drug Behaviour Change Services are contracted by Public Health Norfolk through Change Grow Live (CGL).

Please see the recording below for a brief outline of agreed changes to substance misuse services provided in a Community Pharmacy. The new model is designed to cover all patients who access community pharmacies, under a Change, Grow,  Live programme (CGL) for support with their recovery, rather than exclusively funding the supervision of medicines taken in the pharmacy.

A basic funding calculator, showing the difference between the old and new terms, can be accessed here: New MAT Contract calculator (save or download a copy to edit)

Contractors should have received the Service Level Agreement (SLA) directly (for independent Contractors) or through their head office(CCA Contractors). Please ensure that you read the SLA carefully and respond to CGL. There are significant changes to the funding of this service, which requires some additional administration, but also a reduction in supervised consumption reporting. We recommend that you look out for training and update opportunities from CGL to support your team in implementing the new model.

A PharmOutcomes guide to the MAT core service is available here.

SLAs for Needle Exchange and Naloxone provision will follow, once agreed.

Needle Exchange

Because current coverage is already adequate, new participation may not be always approved – it will depend on current access. Please contact the CPN if you would like to discuss.