Hypertension Case Finding Service

Please note, changes to this service have been announced and come into action from 1st December 2023; further details can be found here.

The NHS commissioned a new advanced service, the Hypertension Case-Finding Service, on 1st October 2021, where community pharmacies offer opportunistic blood pressure checks to people 40 years and older or those referred for monitoring by a GP practice. The Hypertension Case Finding Service is an Advanced service currently available through certain signed up community pharmacies, with more local pharmacies signing up to the Pharmacist only led service, directly engaging with their patients. Hypertension is the biggest risk factor for CVD and is one of the top five risk factors for all premature death and disability in England.  Hypertension is also identified in the CORE20PLUS5 as 1 of 5 clinical areas of focus for the NHS to support the reduction of health inequalities. In order for a community pharmacy to provide the service they must meet the criteria in the Service Specification. The specification requires the community pharmacy to notify the local GP practices that they are providing the service and to report the results to the patient’s registered GP practice in line with service requirements.

If your pharmacy is planning to or is already signed up for the service, please ensure you are ready to provide and a conversation occurs with local GP surgeries to explain the service and when are live; this will enable joined up working.GP’s can refer any patients into the service so it is imperative that pharmacies and GPs discuss how the referral process will work.Contractors may find it useful to go through the PSNC Contractor Implementation Checklist for the hypertension service to ensure that all actions are complete.All Norfolk pharmacies can also access FREE training on the Hypertension Case Finding Service via Virtual Outcomes. Pharmacies will just need to use their F code to access all of the resources available.

The LPC is unable to see live data on this service,  if you wish to discuss the service in more detail please contact info@norfolkpharmacies.co.uk